“Too Late Now”

I’ve been an odd mood over the past couple of weeks and today I heard something that lifted my spirits a bit, which for now is just enough to make my day. The song with revitalizing mood powers is Anik Khan’s “Too Late Now.”

I actually heard the song during Beats 1’s Live From NYC Show, and it instantly felt like a tune. I think what did me in was the saxophone – I’m a sucker for the saxophone. Saxophones are groovy, they produce a sound that’s easy to sway and become deeply in tune with. It’s like your body hears the saxophone and instantly knows how to move – it’s intuitive.

In terms of the vocals, the first verse is rich, deep, almost jazzy? Combated with the hook and pre-hook the song is a journey for your ears.

Basically, this song makes me want to move and anything that makes me want to dance becomes a jam. Listen to the song below and join me as I stalk the sounds of Anik Khan.


“We Don’t Talk Anymore”?

Truth be told I really wanted to dislike this song, but as I tried to type a well-written, witty, and interesting letter, I found myself slowly grooving. This is a very fresh first impression, but so far (after one listen) I can definitely see this song becoming a “summer smash” and here’s why.

  1. Former Disney Princess Selena Gomez is featured on the track. She’s obviously strayed away from Disney and she’s got her own “edge” now – much sexier, more “sensual,” more womanly? Her name brings attention and the song is slow enough for her vocals to skim over the song and add to the breeziness.
  2. Charlie Puth was already a featured on one of the most memorable summer and soundtrack songs with “See You Again.” His chorus in that song is actually why I instantly recognized his new song. With that in mind, I kind of feel like his voice is inexplicably connected to summer. When I hear Charlie Puth I know it’s summer. Is that odd?
  3. The song fits perfectly with summer’s easy-breezy vibe. Summer isn’t supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to be hot, humid, fun and the song just works. Period. Also the chorus has a really nice harmony on the “we don’t anymore, like we used toOooO.”

Here’s a link to the song (no official video yet) and enjoy this nice cover (also did anyone else watch X Factor? I instantly recognized Diamond…YASS) 🙂


I’ve got a lot of things in common…

with the mass of America that loves and requests Alicia Keys’ new single, “In Common.” First and foremost, I am an Alicia Keys fan. I also love the fact that she appreciates a good jumpsuit (remember the “Karma” music video? That jumpsuit is I.C.O.N.I.C.). Outfits and #nomakeup aside, her new single is just upbeat enough to get you moving and chill enough to play at night on a long drive home (from the club or bea’s house?).

In my true fashion, I decided to see if there are decent remixes out there right now, because any good song can also be remixed…right? In this case I first began my search on Soundcloud. The only standout I could find is the one below.

What I like about this remix is the build, it’s smooth all the way through, until certain portions when the bass kicks in a bit heavier. It’s enough to add an additional element to the song without overpowering it.

Youtube offered a wider array of options, but the increased content proved to be disappointing. Honestly, there weren’t any remixes that I felt I should add to this post. None of the remixes were “right” for me/none hit my musical taste palate. On the plus side, I found a video that is basically me when “In Common” is on, so enjoy the video below for a smile.


So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything in particular and I have to say that I’ve felt a little drained—really I’ve felt drained for months, but that is another story. On a slightly more uplifting thread of thought, I’m in love with a song called “Beautiful Criminal.” I know it’s an older song (released in 2014), but lets not dwell on what’s “old” and instead embrace what’s good regardless of time.

Beautiful Criminal is little sexy and a little needy. Maybe it has a slight RnB flair, but very much pop (IMO). Take listen, take a spin, take a swirl.

Also, take a listen to “Allure.” Similar sexy vibe, but it moves quicker.

I’ve included links to both—thank goodness for Soundcloud 🙂