A Clear Out

If you’re anything like me, your iTunes library includes an array of songs you haven’t listened to in over 10 years. I’m only 23, which means I have songs from when I was in middle school, and let me just say that my wannabe angst filled preteen and teenage years weren’t my best years in terms of musical consistency – Panic! At the Disco and High School Musical soundtrack anyone? So, I decided to run through my library to get rid of and complete albums (when appropriate).

It’s weird to go through my old music, different memories and people are coming back to me and it’s a therapeutic experience. Also, as a person that’s trying to consolidate all her music into one place (I’ve used 3 streaming services in the last year) it’s helpful to get organized. There’s nothing more disappointing than forgetting to include playlists in the streaming service you’re actually using.

I honestly just wanted to provide an update and get back into the habit of writing. Hopefully, my consolidation and organization efforts will help me find new content to share. I know it’s been a while – I’ve been a bit discouraged, and I’m going through a lot of personal changes, but I really want to start focusing on what’s important and creating new and healthy habits, behaviors, and actions.


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