“We Don’t Talk Anymore”?

Truth be told I really wanted to dislike this song, but as I tried to type a well-written, witty, and interesting letter, I found myself slowly grooving. This is a very fresh first impression, but so far (after one listen) I can definitely see this song becoming a “summer smash” and here’s why.

  1. Former Disney Princess Selena Gomez is featured on the track. She’s obviously strayed away from Disney and she’s got her own “edge” now – much sexier, more “sensual,” more womanly? Her name brings attention and the song is slow enough for her vocals to skim over the song and add to the breeziness.
  2. Charlie Puth was already a featured on one of the most memorable summer and soundtrack songs with “See You Again.” His chorus in that song is actually why I instantly recognized his new song. With that in mind, I kind of feel like his voice is inexplicably connected to summer. When I hear Charlie Puth I know it’s summer. Is that odd?
  3. The song fits perfectly with summer’s easy-breezy vibe. Summer isn’t supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to be hot, humid, fun and the song just works. Period. Also the chorus has a really nice harmony on the “we don’t anymore, like we used toOooO.”

Here’s a link to the song (no official video yet) and enjoy this nice cover (also did anyone else watch X Factor? I instantly recognized Diamond…YASS) 🙂