Entertainment: Ebro & Shani talks about #NotoriousBig and the state of #Hiphop

Sometimes someone else can put to words what so many are thinking, but probably don’t say. I wasn’t fortunate to truly understand and embrace what the industry or hip-hop was like in the 90s, but whenever I imagine what it must have been like I see something totally different than what we have today.

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Ebro talks about the state of hiphop and what Biggie brought to the game and also how the internet has changed music the way it’s put out and received these days.

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Wearing my demons with Alex…

Alex Vargas that is. So, I’m not going to pretend I found Alex all on my own. I’ve been a casual long-term fan of Above and Beyond for a while and it’s through them that I’ve been able to delight in the sounds of Mr. Vargas’ voice. I honestly didn’t even notice how talented he was until I sat through Above and Beyonds’ acoustic performance (praise A&B for posting that for free on Youtube).

To explain his voice imagine power, but also delicacy. His falsettos (hopefully I’m using the right terminology *le sigh*) always knock the wind out of you . At the same time he also knows how to punch you with hunger and bass. It’s just pure emotion. SWEET SWEET EMOTION! LAWD YALL…he’s simply superb. I’m including two of my favorite performances, but trust when I say that picking two wasn’t easy. Honestly, just listen to his performances they all speak for themselves. I think I would have died and gone to heaven at the opportunity to attended SXSW because apparently he was there?  Sadly, that’s probably the only shot I’ll have at listening to him live in the US (sans YouTube), as he’s mainly touring in the UK and Europe right now…enjoyyyy 😀